Boot Camp

Fitness Boot Camp is one of the fastest ways to get the best results in the shortest amount of days.  You are just NOT going to get this “going to the gym.”  In small group training  camps, you check-in to our indoor facility or meet us at an outdoor location (summer camp!) and WORK IT at 100%.

This course is designed for busy adults who are ready to not just develop a habit but to really do the WORK to get the RESULTS.  If you don’t think you’re worth the commitment, don’t pay us.  Keep giving money month after month to a gym that doesn’t care if you get results, you are just paying their rent.  (If you are ready to COMMIT – I will commit to YOU!  If you are ready to WORK – I will WORK YOU!  If you are ready to pay MY rent – I guarantee I’ll know your name, care about your well-being, and you will KNOW  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!)

Do the Work.  Get the Results.


  • Challenging Work-Out that grows with you
  • Baseline Metrics – Weight & Body Fat%  & optional bi-weekly update to check progress
  • Immediate satisfaction of completing challenges
  • Endorphin rush from laughter and a great work out
  • Support from your fellow members
  • Bonus Points for referrals and earn free work-outs for people you know.
  • Build an exceptional foundation of strong feet & ankles
  • Definition in muscles
  • Built in cardio with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Free Water
  • Field Trips
  • Free Nutrition Information Resources


WEEKEND WARRIOR WORKOUT – All Levels – Most Saturdays & Sundays 1-2PM  ($30/weekend Walk-In – or FREE for Unlimited Members)

WARRIOR WAKE UP WORKOUT – 30-45 minutes Two to Four Mornings per week – Flex-start time.  By Appt Only. (Seriously, don’t just show up. $30-40)

Need Your Own Personal Drill Instructor, with nobody else around?  Private Hours – One on One – $65 per hour.